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Top Psychology Clinics in Rockville 2016
Esther Marianne Bernays's Practice has been recognized as one of the top Rockville Psychology practices.

Location & Contact

51 Monroe Street, Suite 804
Rockville, Maryland 20850
(301) 461-2866

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My approach

In practicing psychotherapy for more than two decades, I have integrated traditional and innovative yet scientifically established approaches designed to produce comprehensive and lasting changes within a reasonable timeframe. Rather than offering a space to �talk things out� we become actively involved in developing a productive collaboration which allows for meaningful results. My focus goes beyond clinical measures of illness symptoms and disorders. I will guide you to recognize and understand patterns which maintain your difficulties so that you may employ recuperative ways of responding to yourself as well as the people around you.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you following your desire to seek therapy. To better assist you in considering how I might be of help to you there is no charge for our initial session if you decide not to work with me thereafter.

My clients

I have worked with a broad spectrum of people who have needed assistance for individual issues or with difficulties which may arise in relationships with their partners, family members or the environment they work and socialize in. I have extensive experience and expertise on a wide variety of issues, traumas and disorders. I serve clients of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds; I am fluent in several languages including German, French, and American Sign Language.