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  Individual psychotherapy


My initial focus concerns a clear understanding of the emotional and behavioral difficulties you are experiencing, as well as gaining an appreciation of the goals and hopes you may have. We will seek to get to the heart of your difficulties quickly by examining the internal dynamics which deter you from achieving your aspirations and well being. I will guide you to recognize and understand how automatic thought, behavior, or coping patterns perpetuate the symptoms and challenges you are experiencing. Awareness brings forth the possibility to awaken from automatic habits and to evaluate the choices that are open to you. This evaluation serves as the foundation of a jointly formulated treatment plan that will make your task in the therapy process clearly evident. I strive towards developing a collaboration that allows you to be mindful about our work and your task in it so that you may be fully involved in this process.

More on the Psychotherapy Process
I will guide you towards developing new perspectives on yourself that allow you to deal with your experiences productively. Emotional pain is often maintained by a negative attitude towards oneself. We might dismiss our experience, minimize our pain, not really take ourselves seriously or compare ourselves with some unattainable ideals. On the other hand, the ability to be mindful and aware without judging yourself, serves as an important cornerstone in the process of psychotherapy as it is this very attitude that allows for a safe experience of feelings and emotions which were previously swept “under the rug.”  When we disconnect from important parts of our internal truth, stability and a healthy emotional balance become difficult to maintain. Conversely, when we reconnect more fully with our core the path to the experience of internal peace and confidence becomes evident and accessible.

Our therapy work at any given moment is based on my understanding of mental, emotional health and pathology as well as a solid understanding of the treatment process. My technical expertise informs my feedback to you in which I strive to support your healthy motivations and to guide you towards a healthy and productive handling of your emotional experiences.

Terms of Treatment
Dr. Rosen-Bernays serves clients with a need for long term psychotherapy as well as clients whose situation would be better served with a limited number of sessions. In addition Dr. Rosen-Bernays offers consultations that may conclude after just one session. Enduring experiences of neglect, abuse, or ongoing trauma generally require more time in benefitting from therapy. Dr. Rosen-Bernays offers a three hour session at the onset of treatment which allows for a more speedy identification and resolution of the core problems. Generally Dr. Rosen-Bernays will suggest weekly, in some situations bimonthly meetings of either 90 or 50 minutes duration, depending on individual circumstances. Your treatment plan will be established with your full input and agreement.

Prescription Drugs
Dr Rosen-Bernays welcomes clients who expect to address their situation without the use of prescription drugs. If psychopharmacological treatment is desired and appropriate, Dr Rosen-Bernays maintains a network of qualified and experienced psychiatrists with whom the desired therapeutic services may be obtained.