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  Family Support Services

Dr. Rosen-Bernays works with families in a number of different settings and situations depending on a family’s specific needs. Dr. Rosen-Bernays may suggest sessions with individual family members, with parents or the entire family. Through structured interactive encounters Dr. BR guides families in developing habits in their interactions and in their communications that promote a culture of respect and compassion. A respectful atmosphere allows for the exploration of difficult experiences family member may have with one another. Dr. Rosen-Bernays has assisted families in dealing productively with communication difficulties and misunderstandings, deep seated anger and hostility among family members, estrangement within a family, as well as a child’s acting out and other behavioral issues.

Terms of Treatment
Dr. Rosen-Bernays will work with all family members to develop a treatment plan everyone can agree on. Depending on the difficulties presented, she may suggest individual meetings, couples’ work, meeting with only one parent and a son or daughter, or meetings with an entire family. Dr. Rosen-Bernays offers to meet for a one time consultation as well.

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