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  Couples & Marital Therapy

Frequently Addressed Issues

Couples who seek counseling from Dr. Rosen-Bernays typically experience difficulties such as a sense of meaninglessness or boredom in their marriage, an inability to develop a meaningful way to communicate and to develop intimacy, dealing with an affair of a partner, finding a new balance with one another after the birth of a baby, problems around interactions with in-laws, and a multitude of other issues.

The Process
Dr. Rosen-Bernays will invite you to investigate the nature of your interactions and to pay attention to your communication patterns. Together we will identify behavioral patterns and communications that work against your interest and best intentions. Dr. Rosen-Bernays will help you develop productive means of communication so that you may begin to see and understand one another from a new, nonjudgmental perspective. A collaborative atmosphere allows for an honest exploration and a constructive expression of the experience you may have in reaction to your partner. Your capacity to connect with your own emotions and to productively express yourself on the one hand as well as your ability to stay empathic to your partner on the other hand, allows you to connect and to know one another in a truly intimate way.

Terms of Treatment
The development of a treatment plan is ongoing and is based on the full understanding and agreement of both partners. Generally, Dr. Rosen-Bernays meets with a couple once weekly or bimonthly for 90 or 50 minutes. In certain situations a treatment plan may include individual sessions as well.