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  Professional background

Education and Training

Dr. Rosen-Bernays is originally from Zuerich, Switzerland where she graduated from the University of Zuerich with a doctorate in clinical psychology. Her education also included special education, philosophy, art and German literature. Dr. Rosen-Bernays' clinical training covered a broad spectrum of perspectives and theories in understanding emotional suffering. Psychodynamic concepts have proven to be the most encompassing and meaningful theoretical framework in her work. Dr. Rosen-Bernays has studied Jungian well as Freudian and Neo-Freudian concepts and explored dream analysis and dream interpretation. Since moving to the United States in 1988 she has become proficient in applying techniques of cognitive as well as behavioral psychotherapy, EMDR and ISTDP.

Dr. Rosen-Bernays is a member of the faculty at the Washington School of Psychiatry. She teaches in the ISTDP program.

Degrees and Certificates
  • ISTDP, three year training program, Washington School of Psychiatry
  • EMDR, basic and advanced training program, EMDR of Greater Washington, EMDR Institute, Inc.
  • Group psychotherapy, Washington School of Psychiatry, two year institute
  • Ph.D., clinical psychology, University of Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Masters, (Lic. Phil. I) clinical psychology, University of Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Body Oriented Psychotherapy, two year training program, Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Seminars in psychoanalytic treatment, Schweizerische Gesellschaft fuer Psychoanalyse, Freud Institut, Zuerich
  • Swiss Federal Maturity Certificate, Latin, sciences and modern languages

Professional Background

During her professional career of over two decades as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Rosen-Bernays has worked in a wide variety of treatment settings ranging from a children’s hospital, a school psychological services, a psychiatric state hospital, an outpatient psychiatric treatment facility, and a college counseling center. Dr. Rosen-Bernays established her private practice in Rockville in 1999. She has worked with individuals of all age groups to effectively address a broad range of issues including depression and mood disorders, anxiety, phobias and post traumatic stress disorders, relational problems, addictions and compulsions, as well as issues of sexual orientation and identity.

Since 2004 Dr. Rosen-Bernays has been actively involved in the training and research of ISTDP techniques and interventions. Upon completion of a three year training program Dr. Rosen-Bernays has continued to participate in a variety of international conferences, workshops and seminars. On several occasions Dr. Rosen-Bernays has presented and discussed her ISTDP treatment to a professional audience.

Dr. Rosen-Bernays speaks English and German fluently with some knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish. She is also fluent in American Sign Language and familiar with the culture of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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