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Recommendations and Testimonials

"Dr. Rosen-Bernays is a seasoned therapist who brings compassion and intelligence to her work with her clients. Her expertise embraces the whole of psychology allowing her to adapt her interventions to the needs of the individual situation."

- Maureen E. Lyon, Ph.D. ABPP, American Board of Professional Psychology, Diplomate in health psychology.

"Dr. Rosen-Bernays has a marvelous intuitive sense, a firm grasp of the literature on this work, and a warm trustworthy personality."

- Ann-Louise S. Silver, M.D., Psychoanalyst

"Dr. Rosen-Bernays offers human beings a safe place to grow."

- Athena Morrow, LCPC, M.A.

"Dr. Rosen-Bernays and I have been colleagues for over seven years. I can say without reservation that she is one of the finest psychotherapists I have known. It is always a pleasure to refer people to such a thoughtful, competent and highly skilled therapist."

- Dana Brotman, Ph.D.