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Frequently Addressed Issues

Parenting often involves a delicate balancing act between the needs of a child, the needs of the parents and the family. Dr. Rosen-Bernays will assist you in interpreting and understanding your childís behavior from a perspective that is fitting, given the childís age and circumstance. Dr. Rosen-Bernays has effectively assisted many parents in connecting to and understanding their own emotional experiences in response to a son or daughterís behavior or communication. This clarity regarding oneís own emotional experience often proves essential for a parentís ability to respond to a childís challenging behavior in a measured yet productive and competent way.

Adolescence always means transformation and change for an individual as well as for parents and an ntire family. Achieving a sense of identity is a complex developmental task for a son or daughter requiring ever changing and new ways of responding from parents. As teenagers tend o be focused on the world of their peers and the impression others may have of them, they tend to distance themselves from the world of their childhood and in particular from the protective care of their parents. This is a difficult and often painful process for everyone involved. Dr. Rosen-Bernays has guided families through moments of difficulties with and an adolescent daughter or son. She has helped families avoid destructive power struggles and ineffective yet hurtful arguments and instead seize the opportunity for rich and lasting learning experiences for teens as well as parents.